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Friday, March 31, 2006

Portrait of Community

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Professor Uzi Even Professor Uzi Even is one of the leaders of the Israeli gay community. A member of Meretz Party, he was the first Israeli Parliament member who was openly Gay. He and his partner, Dr. Amit Kamah, took in a child who was thrown out by his family due to the child's homosexual orientation. Prof. Even was on the cutting edge of changing laws that repressed gay behavior and conduct in Israel, for example, in the army, place of employment, etc. Scroll down this page to see personal photos of Prof. Even. uzi evien political Professor Uzi Even uzi even gay politic in israel ================================================ Hai Ben Shusan "Man of the Year 2003 for Israeli Magazine "Hazman Havarod", was a figure of recent controversy. He appeared in an ad advocating for condom use. However, the ad was refused public display by the Dan Bus Company . Shushan currently works as a bartender for the Tel Aviv bar, Karpa Diem and organizes parties at the Vox Club. hai ben shusan man of the year israel Hai Ben Shusan hai ben shusan pretty men on israel ================================================ Rami Hasman Was chairman of the Israeli organization that fought against AIDS. He was a pioneer in developing legislation that made Israeli health funds to include AIDS preventative medications for H.I.V.-infected individuals in their basket of fundable services. He comes from an advertising personal background and he brings such professionalism to his activism. rami hasman  hiv israel gay Rami Hasman rami hasman aids org in israel ================================================ Shez Shez is an important Israeli poetess and author who treats the subject of child abuse and lesbian love from feminist view, In period when such a subjects were not discussed., she currently lives in Tel Aviv. shez  lesbian writer in israel  Shez shez  lesbian poet ================================================ Gadi sasson The editor of the formerly popular Gay publication, "Hazman Havarod" (pink times). He succeeded to bring to experts, writers, artists, and other creative persons to create a publication masterpiece that elloquently communicates the needs and situation the Israeli Gay community. Also, he used the publication to create a forum for Gay commerce where Israeli business catering to the GLBT community can advertise their goods and services to this market segment. And now, he is the editor of the new Gay publication "Hazman HeHadash" (new times). gadi sasson  gay magazine hzman havrod  editor Gadi Sasson gadi sasson gay journalist ============================================ Theo Mintz Theo is one of the first Gays in Israel to have officially come out of the closet. He is very active in the Aguda community. For the last 30 years, he was the first man on Israeli television to talk about homosexuality, albeit wearing a wig and costume to alter his identity. (Scroll down below to the last picture (left) to see Theo sporting a wig.) Theo today takes care of and looks after many older Gay Israeli men. He visits them and looks after them to ensure their health and that their needs are being met theo mintz  israel glbt aguda Theo Mintz theo mintz gay man in israel =============================================== Eitan Tal Israeli fashion photographer who has appeared in "Hazman Havarod". His photos document sthe gay life in Israel. Much of Tal's photography is famous, dealing with portraits of icons in the gay community, Ivri Lider (Israeli rock singer), Korin Elal (singer), and others. eitan tal israel homo photographers Eitan Tal eitan tal israeli gay  photographer ============================================== Eli Sharon Was the publisher of "Top" and "Rainbow" Gay magazines in Israel. He was actively involved in the program in Gay radio broadcasting. He is also a high-ranking soldier in the Israeli Army. He came out of the closet in the army newspaper, nearly causing a cessation of publication. eli sharon homosxual on israel army Eli Sharon eli sharon gay in israeli army ============================================== Ran Kotzer Israeli filmmaker who specializes in documentaries of the Gay life. His films tackle the subject of Gay homocide. One specific film, set in Haifa, talked about the psychologist who was murdered by an Arab prostitute whom he picked up in a city park. Another movie dealt with the Gay Games that took place in Amsterdam, Holland. "A Positive Story" was a film that he produced which was created in 1996 that brought consciousness to the subject of H.I.V. to Israel. ran kotzer documentaries of the Gay life Ran Kotzer ran kotzer gay  filmmaker
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